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MART’s galleries provide a space for artists to showcase their work and engage with local and international audiences. The organization supports artists working across all disciplines, with a particular emphasis on those working in sculpture, video, new media, installation, and live art-making practices.

MART is dedicated to supporting artists who push the boundaries of their craft and challenge conventional norms. By providing a platform for these artists to test and stretch their material and immaterial creations, MART helps to promote artistic growth and creativity. The organization’s emphasis on supporting artists helps to ensure the programme remains dynamic, innovative, and inspiring. Through its artistic programme, MART continues to support the growth and development of artists, and to promote contemporary visual art to local and international audiences. This, in turn, helps to foster a vibrant arts community and to ensure that the arts continue to thrive in Ireland and beyond.

Since 2007 MART has curated hundreds of events and over 80 exhibitions across Ireland, UK, Europe, USA and Japan, supporting hundreds of emerging and established artists.

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