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I Pity The Fool
  -    -    -  I Pity The Fool

MART Members show 2024

Visual Art Exhibition by Mart Studio Artists.
Opening 1st April @6pm. – Runs 2-13th April – Open Daily 1-6pm

MART Curators, Ciara Scanlan & Matthew Nevin have invited the MART Studio artists to respond to the role of “The clown, The jester, The unwise.” in society. The
role of humor is a powerful double edged sword that both disarms and provokes thought in the populous. From Shakespeare to Becket the Clown/Fool is a common
tool used as social commentator and protagonist for the people. They are the everyman and everywoman, the purveyor of disturbance in communities. For
philosopher Albert Camus, the beauty which people experience in life makes it worth living. People can manifest meaning in their lives, which may not be objective, but
can still give them something to strive for.

Artists: Olly Blake, Louise Brady, Marzena Borek, Moya Clarken, Fares Fares, Stephanie Golden, Karl Martini, Sheila Melvin, Emily O’Callaghan, Noely Ryan, Ross
Ryder, Karen Tierney, Niko Tarka, Gearoid O’Dea.