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Phantoms – Marc Behrens.
  -    -    -  Phantoms – Marc Behrens.

Phantoms – Marc Behrens

The MART Gallery, Rathmines.

5 – 22 October 2016

Marc Behrens presents his solo exhibition «Phantoms» at MART as an interconnected sound and object array. The exhibition focuses mainly on the sound installations «Unit», «The Unknown» and «White Phantoms» and integrates them with a number of smaller sculptural works.  Phantoms are the placeholders for induced memories, imaginary places, ideas, entities or objects that you can only relate to by way of someone else’s accounts, since you have not been there, since you have not been with them. Marc Behrens materializes his own phantoms and tells their stories through combinations of sound and physical objects. All those materials, mostly organic but transmutable, all those sound objects are vibrations, reshaped, redefined. Like phantoms not of the artist’s body, but of the artist’s ideas and spiritual acts.

Artist Website:

Supported by: Goethe-Institut Irland

With Special Thanks to David Stalling for initiating the collaboration.