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Imitator – Kyoto Arts Center
  -    -    -  Imitator – Kyoto Arts Center

Imitator – Kyoto Arts Center

2 – 10 August 2014

Ciara Scanlan, Matthew Nevin, Trish McAdam, Andrew Carson and Róisín O

Kyoto Art Centre, Japan 

 ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’

Ciara Scanlan & Matthew Nevin have collaborated with 3 Irish Artists, to produce a performative video installation to be exhibited in Kyoto Arts Centre. The narcissism of modern culture; selfies, minor feats of ‘fame’ and our obsession with self indulgent self promotion via social media has changed how we live day to day. The project involves artists Ciara Scanlan & Matthew Nevin, [ curators of MART] working alongside Trish McAdam a filmmaker and Artist, Andrew Carson a Visual Artist and Róisín O a singer to utilize their talents from their own disciplines to analyse the process of ‘imitation’. Visitors and participants will be invited to copy and create their own versions of the videos and share on social media creating a viral thread of imitators.

With thanks to Karl Martini the videographer for Andrew Carson and Róisín O videos.