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Audience Outreach

MART provides creative platforms through studio workspace and exhibition opportunities for artists at all levels of their career to engage with new audiences across the globe. MART aims to support our community and build our audience to engage with visual art through an exciting and innovative cultural programme of activities.


Supporting Artists

Building on providing creative platforms for the artistic community is at the heart of MART’s activities. Since 2007 we have engagements with a diverse audience both nationally and internationally and continue to grow our operations to support our community. 

  • Since Opening our Gallery in 2013 we have had over 100,000 Visitors
  • Hundreds of Exhibitions and Events across Ireland, UK, Europe, USA & Japan.
  • Exhibited over 400 Irish & 50 International Artists
  • Millions of Impressions across mainstream media and social networks.
  • Supported hundreds of artists with workspaces across our studio network.


Broadening Our Network

Creating exciting partnerships with fellow creatives is at the heart of what we do. Over the years we have expanded our network include local and international partners across:

  • Cultural institutions
  • Visual Arts organisations.
  • Theatres.
  • Music Industry.
  • Higher Education Institutes  
  • Community Organisations and Charities.
  • National Agencies 
  • Media Partners

We have a history of great engagement and press reach across national and international media promoting contemporary visual arts & culture, here are some highlights…

Freedom of Movement

Feature on Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani exhibition.

Buttered Up

Artist Aine Phillips on the dark side of domesticity.

EUCIDA Project

The Inaugural Exhibition of the EUCIDA project.

We have been featured on local, national and international television, radio, print and online media with a reach of millions across our activities since 2007.

We have supported emerging and established artists since 2007, providing workspace and exhibition opportunities for over 400 artists to further develop their career.

We have reached over 100,000 visitors in our Dublin Gallery, and reached tens of thousands of people across our international activities

We have curated exhibitions in Ireland, UK, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Greece, Slovakia, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Japan.

Social Media

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Key Audience & Engagement figures of our Exhibitions, Gallery & Studios.