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Livestock | Come What May
  -    -    -  Livestock | Come What May

From the Past to the Present: Crafting History through Banner Making

Livestock Live Art Event – 29th April 2023

Featured Artists: Ciara Rodgers, Dylan Ryan, Dia Thomas.The Ljilja, Day Magee

About Come What May

May Day, or Labour Day, is one of multiple histories – of spiritual and political ritual, where bodies gather and communicate themselves in public space. It is in ritual where ideas may literally characterise themselves through bodies, mythologising the past and divining the future in living, performed iconographies. Ritual bridges past and future in the form of a present through the collective witness of an audience. Performance, thereby, is a style of time travel. What takes place this evening are artists who time travel in style: rituals, demonstrations, or any such happenings that aim to tell the future, question the past, and receive the present.

All images taken by John Foley.

Livestock is an artist-led initiative set up to provide opportunities for performers to show new or evolving work. Livestock was established in 2010 at The Market Studios, Dublin. It was conceived of by artists for artists. Our bi-monthly events aim to create a positive and welcoming environment where artists can present their live work to an audience. We strive for performance as a means to facilitate relationships and create a space for dialogue. Livestock has collaborated with Dublin Live Art Festival (DLAF), MART, The Complex and Bealtine Festival. The platform is currently curated by Fay and Katherine Nolan.