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Transmission – Helen Mac Mahon and Sofie Loscher
  -    -    -  Transmission – Helen Mac Mahon and Sofie Loscher

Transmission – Helen Mac Mahon and Sofie Loscher

6th April – 4th May 2017

The MART Gallery, 190A Rathmines Rd, Lwr, Dublin 6.

‘Transmission’ explores light as catalyst to investigate the risks in our everyday life. Examining and reinventing light as a material to provoke our understanding of the space within the constructs of the gallery and beyond, producing experimental methodologies to act as a mirror and analysis of the structure of our world.

By creating these dialogues which challenge conventional views, the exhibition aims to push preconceived expectations of how visibility works and is understood. The exhibition surveys the processes of how light moves through space, exploring both its and our expectations of its functions.

How light moves through space can often bring forward new possibilities in presentation and representation, igniting exploration through visibility and quite often producing overlooked qualities. The works explore visibility, the process of perception, expectations versus function and assesses how our beliefs or understanding of light can be changed or manipulated through positioning, alignment and juxtaposition.

Sofie Loscher:

“My work explores light in its most basic form. I create installations as a way of describing how visibility works; in an attempt to redirect the viewer’s attention away from the object and towards the process of perception. My practice is realised in an unconventional range of sculptural media, predominantly with a strong scientific underpinning. It makes connections between the physical world and the visual world, exploring issues of visibility, stability, perception and contradiction.

I experiment with various optical devices and materials as a way to better understand light— I am currently making polarised geometric sculptures and cyanotype prints to examine how light moves through space and objects and to picture how we move in relation to it. The works expose how we see refracted and redirected light, and how a change in direction might affect our perception.”

Helen Mac Mahon:

“The work created for Transmission explores materials, our expectations around their function and how these beliefs might be confounded. Everyday materials are used, in particular those that seem fixed and certain, such as concrete and glass. These materials make manifest the external structure of our world and serve to reflect this world back to us. But, through simple manipulations, be it the introduction of an additional element or the presentation of an object en masse, new potentials for the materials are created.

Bringing to light previously overlooked qualities and revealing new possibilities, the potential to see beyond limitations and restrictions associated with certain materials is focused on while also emphasising active discernment rather than blind trust in their more traditional functions.”