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Magnetic Observatory
  -    -    -  Magnetic Observatory

Merciful Hour presents Magnetic Observatory

August 11th & 12th.

A film, sound, and live performance programmed event running for two days, focusing on the forces that push and pull our thoughts and actions, from the moon that controls the ebb and flow of the tides to the animal instincts that drive our needs and desires. A showcase of a selection of contemporary national and international artists making time-based work, drawing connections and divides, attractions and repulsions, between their work and the influence of their geographical locations on their recordings and renderings, much like the data collected from magnetic observatories and their readings.

Full info on Eventbrite.

MART Gallery

Chloe Brenan, Sarah Edmondson, Barry Gibbons, Gülsün Karamustafa, Mary Martin, Niamh McGuinne, Anthony O’Donovan, Ciarán O’Keeffe*, Laura Skehan, Isabel Val

*Performance contains adult content


Curated by Antje Görner

Rares Caluseriu, Luke Conroy, Bernd Ihno Eilts, Anne Fehres, Sam Genovese, Ben Glas, Antje Görner, Bernhard E. Haas, Frank Mauceri, Danielle Riede, Chris Tonelli

*Bring a mobile device and personal headphones/earbuds

A magnetic observatory is a specially designed ground-based facility that measures the Earth’s magnetic field. Data from magnetic observatories record a superposition of time-dependent signals related to a fantastic diversity of physical phenomena. Magnetic observatories are distributed in specific geographic locations determined by the need to monitor and study the geomagnetic field on a global scale, primarily for purposes of space-weather diagnosis and main field modelling and mapping, as well as the practical issues of availability of land, communication and operational logistics.

Since its first discovery in the lodestone, magnetism has attracted superstition and intrigue like iron filings and to this day there are aspects of it that still defy definition. However, it can be loosely described as a moving electric charge that produces an attractive as well as a repulsive phenomenon. But, for this event, we invite you to bring your own definition to the title, perhaps moving beyond any scientific appreciation and into the realm of speculation and fantasy, reporting on your individual experiences of attraction and repulsion in the world or feelings within your own magnetic observatory, your body.

We ask you to consider and contemplate how you might measure such individual and subjective phenomena. Can they be measured in kg, Tesla, flux, gauss or maximum energy product (BH)max… magnetism can be intuitive, a point between repulsion and attraction, a holding pattern in orbit… it is at this intersection that we want you to pause and imagine what can’t normally be seen.