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Wine and Die event/exhibition
  -    -    -    -  Wine and Die event/exhibition

Wine and die


Visual Art: Temmuz Süreyya Gürbüz, Alina Hernández,

Jane McBride, Senan O’Connor & James Sheridan

Event Opening & Live Performance: Friday 19th July 6-9pm

Exhibiton: 20-21st July

Wine and Die

Catch the docufiction film Winesploitation (Gallery 2) and visual arts by Temmuz Süreyya Gürbüz, Alina Hernández, Jane McBride, Senan O’Connor and James Sheridan (Gallery 1).

Opening event will feature:

Live drawing by Senan O’Connor, fuzzy noise music by Temmuz Süreyya Gürbüz and the film’s composer Joe Anderson.

Designed and curated by Temmuz Süreyya Gürbüz

WINE & DIE explores the sense of agency through staged self-destruction, repetition and imagery of isolation. It reflects on the conditions within which artistic expression is cultivated in relation to others – particularly the condition of shared intoxication. 

All the artists involved in WINE & DIE participated in the production or post-production of the film Winesploitation (which can be seen in the back gallery throughout the show). This exhibition came out of the low budget collectivity behind the film, with the aim of exposing the relational process of thinking/making/influence around its emergence. It involves photography, painting, sketch art, mixed-media installation and noise music.

This is a space in which to connect, expose and isolate, while reflecting on how exposed isolation (as exhibition translates “exposition” in French) can refer to a shared experience. Perhaps wine has something to do with it. 

Designed and curated by Temmuz Süreyya Gürbüz.


Artists Bios
Dr Temmuz Süreyya Gürbüz @temmuzsr is a filmmaker/film scholar based in Dublin and recipient of the Agility Award from the Arts Council. Temmuz’s academic and curatorial practice spans a variety of experimental and underground forms of audio-visual media. You can find her writings on researchgate and other academic websites.
Alina Hernández is MA Film Studies graduate from University of Galway living and working in Galway City. Her academic and artistic interests include nomadic and displaced identities, liminal space, improvisation, and food & wine culture.

Senan O’Connor is an artist and illustrator based in Cork city. His work uses loose line to capture movement and simple gesture while giving a glimpse into surrealist linear worlds that hint at stories without endings. With a somewhat transient life and career, he’s focused a large section of his work on the medium of the postcard, an essentially fleeting object presented in the open gallery of the street . You can see his work on instagram @senan_oconnor, check out his film work @return_to_the_river or find him selling his prints on the streets of Cork, Berlin, New Orleans, Barcelona or somewhere else if your timing is right.

Jane McBride is PhD student at the University of Galway in Ireland. Her research is on liminality in urban and digital contexts. Jane is also a proofreader and amateur artist. Her music, writing and illustrations can be found online under the name Jane Eksie.
James Sheridan is a multimedia artist from New York currently based between Galway and Dublin. Following years of making poster and album art for various punk, metal and electronic music scenes throughout Ireland, he recently finished a BA in Graphic Design and Visual Communication from the Limerick School of Art & Design. James’ other areas of interest include wine and film making.