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MART Studios Advocate Membership

Building MART Studios’ Future with Advocacy Membership.

MART was founded in 2007 and we are proud to have made it this far, with over 130 artists in our studios, a gallery and many other satellite projects. MART is run by a small team with Directors Ciara and Matt trying to keep the ship afloat, juggling to maintain sustainability and provide studio space our members so desperately need. Dublin has changed over the past decade, it has become increasingly difficult for arts organisations to survive and we have seen the closure of many of our colleagues’ workspaces and studios. We continuously see the infrastructure of visual arts in Ireland being ignored and underfunded, as a result many arts organisations just can’t remain open. 

We feel like the only way to ensure our stability and longevity of studios in Ireland is to own a studio building ourselves. Our current buildings are on short term commercial leases with many of the buildings leases ending in the coming years. We continue to search the rental market for alternatives but due to the development of Dublin’s building stock it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find new buildings to rent. This has signalled a change for us and for us to take charge in all our futures.

MART Advocacy Membership

We are designing a new membership that will allow current and future members working in all cultural, art, creative, design and media industries to sign up to be part of our growth, and assist in us buying a building of our own.  This membership program will allow MART to gather the funds for a deposit on a building in Dublin. 

By owning our own building we will no longer be at the whim of private commercial landlords or city councils. We will pave a way for an autonomous and independent creative space in the city. We have received some great interest in this new Advocacy Membership already however it is important to say that we understand many will not be in a position to sign up as times are tough for many during the pandemic.

How will this work? 

As an Advocate Member we will guarantee you a studio in the new building we acquire and allow you to save a significant amount in your rent in your first year. It will bring certainty to ours and your future workspace, while still having the flexibility that our members enjoy. We are looking to build a group of around 50 Advocate Members to join us in our new building.

As an Advocate Member: 
  • You would Receive a Studio in our new MART Studio Building.
  • You would Receive a significant discounted rate on your first year [or more if you sign up to that] of Studio Rental in the studio
  • We will sign an agreement that would protect you and your membership/money paid.
An example of an Advocate Membership:
  • For Example say that a Studio in the new building  that is 12ft x12ft would be €3300 a year. {€275 per month} 
  • As an Advocate Member you would pay a once off Advocate Membership fee in advance of €2000 [paid in one payment or over a few months in advance] in the lead up to purchasing the building.
  • As an Advocate Member you would then receive the above studio at a discount and pay only €25 per month [€300 a year] when moving in for your first year.
  • This equates to a Saving of €1000 a year to you!

Exact Terms of the Membership levels will be designed around the new building, for instance there may be different levels of membership that would relate to the size of the studio. This would all be worked out when we find the building.

Nobody will sign up as an Advocate Member or send any payments until the building is sourced, and all legal and financial safeguards are in place.

Remind Me again why MART is thinking about all this?
  • This Advocacy Membership will allow MART to build the capital for a deposit to buy our own building.
  • By becoming an Advocate Member you will guarantee to have a space in the coming years.
  • You will save a good chunk of money in your first year or two in the building!

Timeline: We are continuing to look for the correct building and hope in the late summer / winter to purchase a building if all goes well.

Interest Form: If you are interested in hearing more about this please complete our Interest Form below, this does not bind you into anything, it’s just a way for us to see the level of interest.  All the best for now and any questions pop an email 🙂


Matthew & Ciara.

Our Values

At MART we redevelop buildings, work with local communities, attract and create jobs and improve localities through our main values:

  • Cultural Advocacy: We advocate for the arts and visual culture, promoting inspiration, education and freedom of expression. We develop creative platforms to support and challenge artists. We dedicate all of our activities to supporting creativity.
  • Community Building: We regenerate vacant and derelict buildings, allowing them to serve their locality. We create communities of artists allowing for opportunities of collaboration and support.
  • Sustainability: We operate as a self-supporting organisation and provide a safe studio environment allowing artists to concentrate on their work and sustain their practice in a dedicated space, free from worry.

Our Member Benefits:

  • Joining one of Ireland’s largest creative artistic communities with over 150 members across Dublin.
  • Opportunity to exhibit your work our annual Member Exhibition 
  • Occasional free use of our galleries for documentation of work, photoshoots, rehearsals, etc.
  • Skill Sharing – Connect, share and learn for free with your fellow creative peers.
  • Members Group Critiques & meet-ups.
  • Curator Visits by MART curators or visiting professionals.
  • Feature your work on our Website and Social Media to our thousands of followers.
  • Promote exhibitions and other news through MART Social media channels. 
  • On The Radar For International Exhibitions.
  • Access To Tools & our Equipment.
  • Heart of Vibrant Creative Community.
  • No Bills | Superfast Broadband | Parking where possible.
  • Open Studio events held throughout the year
  • Safe & Comfortable Space with studio access from 7am to 11pm daily.
  • Fire and burglar alarm, with security monitored 24hrs a day.

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